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The Burger’s Priest

Sometimes you have to not worry about the calories and just enjoy a nice burger. The Burger’s Priest is a cheeseburger joint that is in the Greater Toronto Area. They use fresh ground beef for their patties and use a flat top griddle to keep to the simplicity of making a great burger. They have a variety of burger options and make fresh cut fries, cheese and chilli fries. I haven’t been to The Burger’s Priest in a while and this location in Vaughn was new to me. It was clean and busy on a weekend afternoon. The staff were friendly and service was fast.

The Priest - The Burger's Priest
The Priest – The Burger’s Priest

I decided to try The Priest which is a fairly large cheeseburger with a roasted portobello mushroom cap that is panko crusted and stuffed with cheese. The Option was fried perfectly (a roasted portobello mushroom cap that is panko crusted and stuffed with cheese) and oozed with cheese on my first bite. It’s messy, the beef patty didn’t quite fit the whole bun but, I didn’t mind because the whole burger is quite filling. The bun was soft and fresh. I added lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onion, mayonnaise and ketchup as toppings to my burger and it hit the spot to satisfy my lunch hunger.

The Priest - Cheeseburger with The Option
The Priest – Cheeseburger with The Option

My friend tried their Bacon Cheeseburger without the cheese and fresh cut fries with gravy. She was disappointed by the burger patty size, the dry gluten free bun and quantity of toppings on her burger (eg. one pickle). The fresh cut fries were good but for some reason, it seemed like there were a lot of small pieces and ends of fries in her batch. Her burger looked very tiny with one patty in it that didn’t fill the size of the bun compared to The Priest. However, I recommend if you’re coming to Burger Priest get their speciality burgers and go all out to enjoy the many ingredients it includes. For a speciality burger joint, I do have to say the size of the patty is quite small compared to other well-known burger joints in comparison to the burger bun. The gluten free and vegetarian options may not be quite filling or satisfying but, at least they have alternatives for those with food sensitivities or who are vegetarian.

I enjoyed my burger and would go back to try different cheeseburgers on their menu again. The burger may not be a religious experience that brings redemption to the burger joint restaurant industry but, it’s better than some other fast food chains and definitely comes with fresh ingredients. Fresh from the griddle and made to your liking with their selection of toppings is always a nice touch. Til we meet again for a burger confession.

Restaurant: The Burger’s Priest
Location: 7887 Weston Rd #6, Vaughan ON, L4L 2V5


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