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Big Al’s Island Grill

It’s not the expected restaurant decor you’d expect on an island as this restaurant looks like a 50s style diner. The food and service here was always good and the burgers and wraps were tasty and different than any other burger joint I’ve been to.

Big Al's Island Grill Restaurant
Big Al’s Island Grill Restaurant

They have a multitude of specialty burgers to choose from and the burger is juicy and filling with some amazing toppings. Their beer battered onion rings are also yummy.

Pretzel Burger with Missy's Beer Battered Onion Rings
Pretzel Burger with Missy’s Beer Battered Onion Rings

If you’re trying to be a bit healthier while on visiting Turks & Caicos try their wraps. The Ahi Tuna wrap was very good and definitely a good substitute for a burger especially when you have it with their sweet potato fries!

Ahi Tuna Wrap with Sweet Potatoe Fries
Ahi Tuna Wrap with Sweet Potatoe Fries

And don’t forget to leave a bit of room for dessert or make another visit to the restaurant for a sweet treat. The banana bread with caramel sauce and whip cream was like it was home made and will make any sweet tooth smile.

Banana bread and whip cream and caramel sauce
Banana bread and whip cream and caramel sauce

You can wash down all the food with a glass of pink lemonade, a shake or even wine if you’d like.

Pink Lemonade
Pink Lemonade

This casual dining restaurant always had a something that would make your stomach happy!

Restaurant: Big Al’s Island Grill
Location: Turks & Caicos
Website: http://bigalsislandgrill.com

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