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The Gabardine

The Gabardine restaurant is located in downtown Toronto. It’s a nice little restaurant that looks like an old but, warm and bright bistro. My friend and I just tried their salads for lunch. They make comfort food dishes but, also make them look pretty. I tried their Taco Salad. It was flavourful and tasty with crispy tortilla, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado crema, chipotle ranch dressing, chorizo and cheddar. It was fresh and a beautiful looking plate.

Taco Salad at The Gabardine
Taco Salad at The Gabardine

The second salad that my friend tried was their Classic Ceasar Salad. It was almost too pretty to eat with a soft cooked egg, Grano Padano, bacon and croutons. Although the presentation was impressive you definitely have to do a little work to eat this salad as the leaves of lettuce are so large that you have to cut them up into smaller pieces yourself. The salad is a bit pricey for lunch ranging from $14-15 but, the atmosphere, fresh ingredients and Bay St. appeal I guess makes it worthy of the price.

Classic Ceasar Salad at The Gabardine
Classic Ceasar Salad at The Gabardine

The service was also very good at The Gabardine even on a busy weekday. The restaurant also makes a nice coffee and they have a beautiful espresso machine. So, if you’re in the Bay and Adelaide area in Toronto you should try this restaurant out for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Restaurant: The Gabardine
Location: 372 Bay Street, Toronto
Website: www.thegabardine.com


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